Putting the big push on for siding and painting before it gets cold and wet.

The siding material is called HardiPlank. It is a cement fiber board that is rather heavy and floppy like a noodle, so it pretty much requires 2 people to install. Three people make a fast crew where one person cuts on the ground while the other two measure and install on ladders or scaffolding. HardiPlank is supposedly very low maintenance and not very susceptible to fire - a real issue out here.

The first board gets nailed up.

I was worried I wouldn't get to the siding before the summer was over. However, Carl and Taylor got me jumpstarted, setting up the scaffolding, painting trim, and nailing up siding.

Peter, Royce, and I got into production mode and were able to side 2 levels of the North and East sides of the house in one day.

Peter and I have spent 2 more days siding, caulking, and painting. The West wall (the most difficult and due to get the worst weather) is completed except for a small bit of painting.

The colors seem to be working quite well. This shot is at sunset. Mike, previously from the diner, and Peter helped me paint the siding.