Bridge and Entry Porch


Because the main living level of the house (the top floor) is about 20 feet above the ground and but just a few feet below the level of the road, a bridge is necessary to carry guests to the entry porch.

The bridge is about 24 feet long and 4 feet wide. Someday stone steps will drop down from the road level to the bridge entrance.

Moving the 20 foot 4x12 bridge joists into place was quite a challange. The little cart in the picture couldn't take the load, so I ended up dragging them across the temporary bidge and lowering each end into place with a rope.

Here is a better view of the bridge joists and the 2 foot wide temporary bridge which has been removed.

Entry Porch

The entry porch was completed in 2001. It is 6 feet deep and 10 feet wide. Most likely, it will have solid railing walls to make the Jehova's Witnesses feel comfortable while they wait at the door in the wind. It will have benches built into boths sides for them to lean their bikes against too.

Here are the rafters that support the entry porch roof. Because it is a hip style of roof, there are about a billion compound cuts (to accommodate the 45 degree hip rafters and the 6:12 roof pitch. Note the rafters are run wild (to be cut off later).

Here you can see the line of the ridge and the river.

The rafter tails have been cut to length and the sub-fascia is attached.

Here is the comleted porch waiting for roofing.