Iíll have to take more pictures of the plumbing, but I was so happy to get the washing machine going and my underwear cleaned that I threw this page up.

My first load of clothes:
Note the toilet is on the second floor now. You see the vent pipes converging and capped with a studer vent - a one way valve that lets air in, but wonít let sewer gas out. This vent cap meets code under limited circumstances, but Iím just using it temporarily.

The more typical condition of my laundry area. Note the lower laundry soap bottle is laying on its side. This comes from shooting a siding nail through the sheathing and into the side of the bottle. I also stabbed a battery inside a boom box and a major blood vessel in my physician's urology poster.

The BEST thing to happen in the project - the shower. My neighbors in Seattle, Nico and Sara, gave me a shower pan. It's smaller than the oversized mortar bed shower I plan to build someday, but I installed it in the future shower space with visqueen plastic walls duct taped to the pan. Making up for the last few months I often take 2 showers a day.

I had to install lower wattage heating elements in the hot water heater to be able to run it off of the temporary power pole.

I moved the toilet up to the bedroom floor and added a junk yard vanity sink. Unfortunately, there are no bathroom walls, so only the fearless frequent the head.

I have waste and source plumbing up through the bedroom floor. The kitchen and living room floor plumbing did not happen in 2002.