I've Moved Up to the Second Floor

Home away from home is getting cozier and cozier.

The old bed in the stairwell had to make way for the new stairs. So, now that I can walk up the stairs, I'm happily sleeping on the second floor.

I tacked up a temporary plywood wall to separate the bedrooms. The master bedroom is even decorated... sort of.

The guest bedroom doubles as the workout room - at least once a month or so.

It fell well below freezing before I left last October. Inside the shell it stayed just above freezing. Pretty darn cold.

I slept under 2 sleeping bags and 3 blankets. The tough part was working up the courage to dash from the covers to the hot shower.

The washing machine is running (with hot and cold water). The toilet has moved up too. And I have the nicest visqeen shower in town.

You can walk out the french door rough openings onto the deck.

This summer, 2003, I'll move the kitchen from the basement to it's permanent location on the top floor. That way I can mock up where the counters and islands will go to see if I like them.

A bug like this landed on my head one night. It's some kind of enormous beetle - about 2 inches long. They fly like drunken sailors. I heard him bounce off the wall and then felt a heavy thwap on my head. It woke me up pretty quick.

Bugs and all, thigs are much nicer than my first summer when each time it rained I spent the night awake shuffling my bed roll around dodging the leaks.