The Gorge House

"Living Large in Lyle"

Gorge Hole

Shell and Decks

New Stuff
The Siding is up.
Adele and Carl visit.
The Decks are mostly done.
The Entry Bridge is built.

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Where the hell is Lyle
Where is Lyle?

Building a house is scary
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Early sketch of the westward view of house

The Columbia River carries an enormous volume of water from Canada through Washington to the Pacific Ocean. On its journey it carves through the Cascade Mountains leaving a luscious liquid playground in an area that ranges from evergreen-covered mountains to arid plateau.
Gorge Sunset

I am in the glacially slow process of building a retreat there. It started out as a cottage, but has morphed into a small house. So, I call it the Gorge House. As of 2003, the Gorge House has become my permanent home.
House from Below

I am building on the bluffs of a little town called Lyle (folks: ~500, dogs: ~500, guns: ~5000). Like most of the semi-tractor trailers, the last 40 years have detoured around Lyle. It offers true Americana, ground squirrels, and relentless wind. The Lyle natives believe in patriotism (excluding paying taxes) and family values (with limited genetic diversity), but have been kind enough to embrace me as an honorary regular at the diner even though my politics are generally unpalatable.
House in Tyvec on Lyle Bluff

Because I am building this house single-handedly, it will take many years to complete. Please, under no circumstances ask "so, when dya figure itll be done?" I try to mix up building with windsurfing and socializing, but often become obsessed on some minutia of construction and miss out on life. This is why your visit is critical!

Enjoy the progress vicariously...
(I update this site as I get time.)

...or come on out and try on some nail bags.
(Donations of labor will be enthusiastically rewarded with tall cans of cheap beer.)