First Story

The First Story is coming along.

Only the perimeter and load bearing walls are built out. The interior partition walls can wait for the roof to get buttoned up. This will also assist in placing the HVAC (heating and AC) ducting and DWV (waste) plumbing. However, you can already see the views framed by the East and West windows and the french doors to the South.

Here is an evening view out of the guest bedroom windows (note the exterior plywood is only sheathed up to head height. the windows are only the 2 large openings):

Here you can get a feel for the look of the french doors and the windows. There will be a 10 foot deck extending out in front of the french doors. Above that there will be a 6 foot deck for the second story that will shade the french doors and part of the larger bedroom level deck. Below will be some kind of patio space. Probably with flagstone. That area will be fully shaded, but have a full view of the river.

The west side of the house. The view from the deck is great.