Design Ideas

Just a few pictures of ideas I like...

Kitchen Idea
Here is a small kitchen with windows on two sides and no upper cabinets. I'm planning on sacraficing an East view window to allow a standard height refridgerator (but it's not too late to move the fridge and add the window back in).

Pine Ceiling
Here is a ceiling that is covered with pine. I'd like to use locally cut and milled v-groove pine on the main floor's (upper story) vaulted hip ceiling.

Cultured Rock
I ended up not using Cultured Stone on first few feet of the foundation/house. It was too expensive and required too much labor. If I am ever adequately motivated, I might go back and add stone to the basement walls.

This man-made concrete product looks like stone, but is much lighter and doesn't need its own foundation and can be applied on top of a wooden stud wall.